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Paul Feig Is Not Planning Same-Sex Rom-Com With Channing Tatum Just Yet [UPDATED]


During an event in New York to celebrate the Blu-ray release of "The Heat," director Paul Feig told CinemaBlend writer Kristy Puchko that he's working on a same-sex romantic comedy with Channing Tatum and new "Saturday Night Live" featured player John Milhiser, a.k.a. this is what it sounds like when the internet melts. According to Vulture, however, Feig was merely offering up Tatum as his "pie-in-the-sky" option for the film.

The casting of Tatum set aside for the moment, Feig did tell Cinemablend that the film would focus on an average guy (Milhiser) who winds up in an relationship with someone handsome enough to be named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Unfortunately, few other details were offered by the director, who is currently working on an action-comedy about a female spy. (That film was originally called "Susan Cooper," though Feig revealed the title could change.)

Whether Tatum eventually finds himself aboard the project or not, Feig has long expressed interest in putting a twist on the normal conventions of the romantic comedy genre, if not in this exact way. The "Bridesmaids" director had once wanted to make a feature with Melissa McCarthy and Jon Hamm in the lead roles.

"I think people will really like this movie," Feig said of that project, which was titled "Dumb Jock," in a 2011 interview with HitFix. "It's a movie that has not really been made in Hollywood that I can think of. Maybe in the Indie world or maybe in the foreign world, a similar type of story but not, yeah, not that I know of. And I think it's a story of Melissa that an audience will really want, especially women because it's just a very real story. Real, but funny story about somebody falling in love, finding where they don't think it's going to happen or it doesn't seem like it would ever happen."

As Feig told Grantland, however, in an interview this summer, the project never managed to get off the ground.

"Yeah, I wrote it, and the studio loved it, but Jon and Melissa didn't want to do it," Feig said. "It's one of my favorite things I've ever written. Maybe we'll relaunch it. I love funny Hamm."

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