10/11/2013 10:47 am ET

Rick Perry Plays Peacekeeper In Congress' Budget Saga


Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) opened up on Wednesday about Congress' struggles with the public, lamenting how far the legislative body's approval rating has fallen.

Speaking near the Lake Travis reservoir in Texas, Perry was asked about how the federal government could fix its fiscal troubles. The governor expanded that question to discuss a recent Public Policy Polling poll, which found that Americans held a higher opinion of hemorrhoids and jury duty than Congress.

“Not particularly a high bar there for ya,” he said, according to the Houston Chronicle. “So sit down with the president and go to work.”

One week earlier, Perry pointed a finger at President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats for the budget standoff. The governor was in California for the state's Republican Party convention -- part of a continued exploratory process that could result in a 2016 presidential run.

"This is on him," Perry said of Obama and the shutdown. "He refuses to lead."

The latest step in the negotiations came Thursday afternoon when Obama met with House Republicans, with both sides clashing over how soon a) the government could be reopened and b) the debt ceiling could be raised. The shutdown has been in place since Tuesday Oct. 1.



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