10/12/2013 10:41 am ET

'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Recap: Where We Left Off (VIDEO)

Halloween is just around the corner, and TV lovers know that means the return of some of their favorite scary shows such as "American Horror Story" and AMC's monster hit, "The Walking Dead."

Since last season ended way back in March, even some of the most obsessed fans might need a refresher on where we left our merry band of zombie survivors. The video above features clips from the end of last season inter-spliced with the cast and crew of the series talking about where the characters left off, and what lies ahead of them for the upcoming season.

Don't expect Season 4 to be any less bleak than the previous seasons. As the executive producers say in the video: "Things are going to be much more difficult for them, much more darker for them. All of these characters who have lived through so much haven't really seen anything yet."

Watch the video above to prepare yourself for this weekend's zombie outbreak.

The new season of "The Walking Dead" premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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