10/12/2013 02:48 pm ET Updated Oct 12, 2013

Ventra Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges CTA's New Payment System Rife With Consumer Fraud

With all the complaints against the Chicago Transit Authority's new payment system, it was only a matter of time before someone sued Ventra.

A class-action lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Chicago alleges breach of contract and consumer fraud, according to CBS Chicago.

Dave Kenger, the CTA bus rider filing suit, said when he moved from the Chicago Card Plus to Ventra, he was hit with repeat charges for a single ride and was billed six times for calling CTA customer service in a span of just 70 seconds. ABC Chicago reports while the total charges amount to just $8.50, calls to the service center don't appear in Kenger's phone log.

The CTA eliminated fees for Ventra users contacting customer service after earlier outcry this summer.

"He basically got a bunch of charges that did not appear to be authorized and did not represent actual use by him," said Dan Edelman, Kenger's attorney.

The CTA insists the charges are legitimate.

"Based on a preliminary review, we believe all of the transactions in this customer's account are transit rides and reloading his account," CTA spokesman Brian Steele wrote the Tribune in an email.

"This is a service thing. It isn't going to be stopped unless somebody steps forward and takes action and files a lawsuit," Edelman said. "I question how, what was done to test it before putting it into service. It looked like the beta testing is being done on the public."

Correction: An earlier version of this story attributed the last quote of the story to Dave Kenger; Dan Edelman gave the quote.



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