10/14/2013 01:53 pm ET Updated Oct 14, 2013

13 Photos Of Obama Making Sandwiches At Martha's Table

As the government shutdown entered its 14th day, President Barack Obama spent some time away from the front lines of the budget battles on Monday to visit Martha's Table, a D.C. nonprofit that helps low-income and homeless families. Many of those volunteering there are furloughed federal workers. The president donned an apron and helped with making the sandwiches, getting his hands dirty.

"Can I just say just in the few moments I've been here I'm feeling a little sticky," Obama said. "I think I got some PBJ on my fingers."

Obama then got some pointers for bagging, according to a pool report:

"Show me the right technique here," he asked. He accepted some pointers and made some light banter. First, it was the bags. "I got the Ziplock down," he said after a bit. "And then I just slide the sandwich in," he remarked, on learning the method. "It's got to be sealed." He said the sandwich he made had the "presidential thumbprint" on it.

Obama did address the looming debt ceiling deadline, which is Thursday, by saying that "we stand a good chance of defaulting" if Republicans don't cooperate.

Here are some photos of Obama's visit:

Obama Makes Sandwiches At Martha's Table


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