10/16/2013 02:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

John Mayer Has Morphed Into A Free People Model

Today is John Mayer's birthday -- and if Mayer's recent wardrobe choices are any indication, the singer will probably spend it shopping at Free People.

Slowly but surely, Mayer has been morphing into a fringe-shaking, scarf-wrapping, necklace-layering boho fashionista. Perhaps it was the evolving influence of his girlfriend, Katy Perry or simply a realization that accessories really do make an outfit. Either way, the man has embraced an aesthetic ripped straight from a Free People catalog.

Don't believe us? Here are recent photos of Mayer and items currently on sale at Free People to prove it. Happy birthday, John -- we hope someone gets you a poncho.

mayer vs model 5

mayer vs model

mayer model 8

mayer vs model

mayer vs model 6

mayer vs model 7

mayer vs model 1

Dude knows how to accessorize:

John Mayer Loves His Hat

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