10/16/2013 10:31 am ET

Lufthansa Offers New Life In Germany, If You Change Name To Klaus- Heidi

Want to say auf Wiedersehen to your old life and start anew in Germany for free?

As the video above explains, Lufthansa is giving away an apartment in Berlin, a bicycle and other prizes to the first person to legally change his or her name to Klaus-Heidi.

The mix of masculine and feminine names might raise a few eyebrows around town, but the perks might be worth it.

Lufthansa representative Magnus Engvall confirmed to The Huffington Post that the offer is real. The identity alteration also comes with a hunky neighbor named Dieter, language lessons, Lufthansa air tickets and lots of Lufthansa swag, including the robe the airline hands out in first class.

"It's a great start for anyone who wants to live in Berlin," Engvall told HuffPost. "It gives you a great story and you can always change back your name, though of course our wish is that you keep your name and are proud of it."

The name-change competition, which involves uploading a legitimate new ID at the contest website, runs through Nov. 28. Oh, but there's a catch: You must live in Sweden to win. And if you're geographically eligible, you should know that between 250 and 300 potential entrants have already inquired about name changing at a Swedish government website, according to Engvall.

Another name-change stunt made headlines recently when a Washington, D.C., husband and wife announced they would change their last name to Van Squigglebottoms if donations to a poverty relief charity reached $1 million.

Too bad they don't live in Stockholm. One of them could be eligible to become Klaus-Heidi Van Squigglebottoms!

(Hat tip, AdWeek)