10/16/2013 10:45 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2013

When Your Daughter Asks To Dance, There Is Only One Answer

Malena wants to be a ballerina. Her dad, José, says she must focus on her studies so that she can go to university and get a good job to make money and live without worry.

But the little girl has a few questions: "What's a good job?" "And [if I have a real job]... I'll be happier than doing what I like?" Dad tries to answer, but a laugh-track mocks him in the background.

Scripted? Yes. Worth watching? Definitely. Because when Dad finally figures out what he should have said to Malena all along (hint: the video's title is "shall we dance?") her reaction is priceless.

The short, made by Spanish production company J.A.F., ends with the message: "Money solves situations but doesn't give meaning to your life, doing things you love can open a door."




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