10/16/2013 03:24 pm ET Updated Oct 17, 2013

Why Office Transparency Can Improve The Workplace (VIDEO)

Is a transparent workplace the key to corporate success? According to Marc de Grandpre, the senior vice president of marketing for KIND Healthy Snacks, transparency is crucial to not only a better office culture, but also to a business's survival.

Grandpre recently told HuffPost Live that a transparent work environment -- one in which all lines of communication are open between management and employees, including communication about problems the business may be facing -- can help a company learn, grow and ultimately thrive.

"I think it's about being open and honest all the time and really making sure that the entire organization is aligned around unified goals -- and always making sure, whether it's good or bad news, that we discuss it openly and that everyone feels comfortable having opposing views and discussing them," Grandpre told host Nancy Redd during a recent HuffPost Live interview. "It starts by being in line from the top down throughout the organization."

But it may not happen so easily. In order to seamlessly move to an open office culture, Menlo Innovations CEO Rich Sheridan suggests that employees prepare for a lengthy transition.

"If you go from a non-transparent workplace to a transparent workplace and think you can do that overnight, you probably will be in for a whole lot of hurt," Sheridan said on HuffPost Live. "It's a process you go through."

Check out the video clip above and watch the full video on office transparency on HuffPost Live.

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