10/17/2013 09:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Key To Avoiding Hat Hair? Make Your Hair Messier (VIDEO)

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Hats are cool. Hats are chic. Hats make you look pulled together. Hats are also impossible to wear.

Thankfully, Vogue communications and marketing manager Elizabeth Fisch is a pro. Liz explained to us that hats, while slightly cumbersome, are actually very practical. "With the weather getting colder, I have found myself reaching for hats because they not only top off an outfit (literally!), but they also keep you quite warm, which makes them great transitional pieces for fall," she told HuffPost Style.

Plus, she added, "In the winter months it's easy to forego style and slip into a rut of dressing purely for comfort, so hats are my small way of compromising."

But what about that pesky matter of hat hair? Fisch shares her wisdom with us: "I find it a bit silly to wear a hat indoors, so luckily I don't mind the look of hat hair! My hair is pretty straight so after taking my hat off I just mess my hair up a bit with my hands and call it a day."

Looks like it works. Check out the episode of "From the Vogue Closet" above and head to to see more stylish videos.

Tips for wearing a hat this fall:

Prevent Hat Hair This Winter

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