10/17/2013 12:42 pm ET Updated Oct 18, 2013

There Are Treehouses, And Then There's This Tree In A House (PHOTOS)

We're so over treehouses (not really, but stick with us). We're all about trees in houses, like this beauty located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

According to Design Boom, this transparent structure has an open circle in the middle of it, revealing an amazing fir that stands tall throughout the home. It is four level high and offers incredible panoramic views. It's light wood floors and spiral staircase transport you to all the different spaces within the house. We're pretty much loving the lounge area where the trunk and branches reveal themselves -- best coat rack ever?

Design studio A.Masow, who designed this incredible place, said it's intended to help the owners fuse closer with nature and "give up some unnecessary conditions and things."

We're not sure if you could actually live here permanently (we don't see a bathroom, but hey, you are in the woods). Regardless, this is sure to be a sanctuary for those who own it.

Scroll through the photos below to take a peek, and head over to Design Boom and A.Masow for more information.

Tree In A House
Tree In A House

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