10/18/2013 10:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Incredible Video Shows You How To Cover Up Acne

In our series YouTube Beauty Tutorials Of The Week, we are sharing the most transformative how-to videos on everything from hair and skincare to makeup and nails.

The skill: Acne coverage

The key to success: When using powder to mattify and set your makeup, it's crucial to apply with a dabbing motion rather than the sweeping of a makeup brush. Elaine Mokk explains that sweeping will remove the previously applied foundation and concealer, whereas the dabbing won't cause any uplift of primer or concealer. While your own acne might not be this severe, this brushstroke method will work on any size blemishes.

What you need:

foundation routine

Optimizing Primer, BB Cream, Invisible Loose Setting Powder, Creamy Concealer, Powder Foundation, Foundation Shaping Brush & a Hair Tie

Try it out with these products:

Foundation Necessities

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