10/19/2013 03:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Time Warner Cable: Internet Outage In The Northeast Fixed


If you’re a Time Warner customer you might have noticed something a bit weird with your internet earlier Saturday. Like that it wasn't working.

The provider reportedly experienced a massive internet outage in New York City, as well as in states such as New Hampshire and Maine. But later on Saturday, Time Warner sent a statement to The Huffington Post via email saying it had corrected the situation:

Earlier today, some Time Warner Cable Internet customers in the Northeast experienced intermittent issues accessing several popular websites due to technical issues with one of our network backbone providers. Traffic has been re-routed, and our customers should be able to access their favorite websites again. We apologize for the disruption to their service.

After reports of a service interruption, the company tweeted to customers:

Of course, a few tweets were not enough to calm the ire of livid Time Warner customers in areas where service has been disrupted:

Some reports claimed that the internet outage was due to a router problem with communications provider Level 3:

A map from Down Detector shows where outages have been reported:

timewarner outage

Update: Level 3 emailed HuffPost the following statement:

“Our network experienced service disruptions due to an equipment failure at network facilities in the northeastern U.S. Maintaining a high-performing, efficient network for customers is our top priority. Our on-site technicians worked as quickly as possible to address the issue, and all services have been restored.”



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