10/22/2013 09:13 am ET

Offal, In Order From Worst To Best (PHOTOS)

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Offal, also known as variety meat and organ meat in America, is one of those things that gives people the shivers sometimes. We like to talk about it around Halloween, because you're already thinking of brains (as cupcakes) and skulls (as cakes), so by the time we start talking about chopped livers and grilled hearts you're less likely to run away from us screaming.

I really like offal -- not to be cool, or caveman-like, but because I like how it tastes, and I like the sense that I'm helping to use the whole animal, even when it isn't pretty. And let's be honest, offal can look really gross. But there are offal recipes, designed via thousands of years of experimentation, that put these cuts to incredible use, highlighting their best flavors and minimizing their worst. Below, I've ranked different nasty bits of offal from worst to best, according to how I like to eat them. Also, I've tried to present you with the best version of each of them. Some of these pictures might actually make you hungry. Brace yourselves.

Offal, In Order

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Offal Recipes