10/22/2013 05:28 pm ET

The 'Boy Meets World' Cast Reunites (VIDEO)

"Good Morning America" and Entertainment Weekly's TV reunion extravaganza continued on Tuesday, and it was the "Boy Meets World" cast's turn to get in on the reminiscing.

With the spinoff series "Girl Meets World" scheduled to premiere on the Disney Channel in 2014, the characters remain just as popular as ever.

William Daniels, who played Mr. Feeny, said he was recently chased by a pack of children getting off a school bus, yelling his character’s name. "And I'm a coward, I ran. I ran all the way around the block," Daniels said.

The cast also looked back on the show fondly, with a few exceptions. "Our fashion was pretty horrible," Rider Strong, who played Shawn Hunter, said. "I'm still not stoked on the hair. Like, that was just a horrible seven year choice," he said.

But Danielle Fischel (Topanga) reassured him. "You're the only one who wasn't stoked on your hair," she said.

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