10/22/2013 03:11 pm ET

Another Miami Gardens Girl Shot While Inside Her Home

A month after a Miami Gardens girl was killed as she was getting her hair braided in her grandmother's living room, a second girl in the neighborhood was struck by a bullet at home.

Eighth-grader Nevilisha Francis was talking on the phone inside her house in the 20400 block of NW 2nd Court when she was shot in the calf Monday night, the gunfire sprayed from an alleyway behind a nearby shopping center according to the Miami Herald.

“It makes me feel scared to come outside," she told the paper from a local hospital, where she is expected to recover.

Crime scene investigators found more than dozen shell casings on the ground, CBS Miami reports. Though police have no suspects, it is believed that Frances was not the intended target.

The shooting follows just weeks after 12-year-old Tequila Forshee was tragically killed by a stray bullet to the head that the family believes was meant for her uncle. She was getting her hair done at her grandmother's house for the first day of seventh grade when she died.

Forshee's father, who has since become a community activist, railed against increasing violence in the area.

"The violence in Miami Gardens, it seems like it's just growing day by day, and it's sad," Tequila's father Glenn Forshee said after Francis was shot. "A 13-year-old girl is in her home where she's supposed to be. And again the same situation that took my daughter's life occurred again last night."