10/22/2013 07:56 am ET

What If The Moon Were As Close As The ISS? (VIDEO)

The moon is roughly 240,000 miles away from earth, the International Space Station only about 260 miles away. So what would it look like if the moon orbited the earth at the same distance as the ISS?

It would look HUGE! Check out the video above to see for yourself.

In addition to appearing much bigger in the sky, the moon would orbit the earth much more quickly if it were so close to our planet. Why? Because if the moon were closer, the earth would exert a stronger gravitational pull on it... and the moon would have to speed up to prevent from falling out of orbit.

And that's not all. Kenneth Ramsley, a planetary researcher at Brown University, told The Huffington Post in an email that if the moon really did orbit the earth as closely as the ISS, it would cause gigantic tides each time it passed overhead. Earth might be left in ruins.

"At any rate, the video is visually appealing and thought-provoking," he said, "though there would be nothing peaceful about any day on Earth if the moon were suddenly to orbit this close to us."



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