10/22/2013 03:51 am ET

Octavia Spencer Has Much Bigger Problems Than Christy On 'Mom' (VIDEO)

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer showed up at an AA meeting on "Mom." She played Regina, who found herself opening up about her problems to Christy and Bonnie. Christy, who was struggling with some financial problems of her own, reached out to Regina at the meeting when she saw that Regina was crying.

What she didn't expect was for Regina's story to keep getting wilder and wilder. At first, she insisted that she wasn't an alcoholic. But then she detailed how she gets through each day and night, and it became pretty clear that she was -- she probably has a drug problem as well. It wasn't until later, though, that she revealed what may have driven her to drink like that.

Regina agreed to stay the night at Christy's house because she had a suspicioun that the police were waiting at her house. She was a money manager and she'd embezzled $3.5 million dollars from her clients. Finally resigned to her fate, Regina told Christy that she had some of that money stashed away that the feds would never find. She offered it to her, but Christy had to refuse.

It was a reunion of a very different tone as Spencer got to share several scenes with her "The Help" co-star, Allison Janney. To make it even more fun, the two openly disliked one another throughout the episode. Apparently, Spencer begged creator Chuck Lorre for a role on the show after attending to first taping to support her friend and former co-star.

Also, while she may be heading off to prison, the chance remains that Regina could become a recurring character. With "Mom" getting a full-season pick-up, there's no reason we couldn't check in on her story.

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