10/22/2013 01:24 pm ET Updated Oct 23, 2013

Find Out If Someone Died In Your House Thanks To A New Website, DiedInHouse.Com

Has someone died in your house? It's a question that many of us have mulled over, especially if one lives in an older home. Good news is, there's an actual website where you can find out that answer. Bad news is, there's an actual website where you can find out that answer.

According to Gothamist, all you have to do is visit DiedInHouse.com, enter your credit card information and address. Then, you'll find out if someone has in fact died in your home and how they died. The cost is a measly $11.99 -- not too bad for peace of mind... pretty steep if you're inclined to move after the results.

This is a great site for anyone in the housing market. For example, if the seller isn't required to disclose deaths, homebuyers can find out for themselves. Or, if you're a seller and want to be more confident in a sale, now you'll know a vital piece of information. And let's not leave out those paranormal activity lovers, who, as the website states, can "look" for former residents who have died.

You can find out a bunch of useful information on the FAQ section and we suggest you visit it. Although, there is no guarantee the information will be correct.

Head over to Gothamist and CNet for more information.

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