10/23/2013 03:36 am ET Updated Oct 25, 2013

'Awkward' Premiere: Jenna Tries To End Things With Collin, But That Goes Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)

The mid-season premiere of "Awkward" lived up to its title in the closing moments. Perhaps it was inevitable that Jenna's make-out session with Collin would get outed to Matty, but did anyone expect it to happen in such a public fashion? Granted, Jenna wasn't doing a very good job of making sure that her tryst with Collin was a one-and-done.

In fact, they were all over each other almost any time they shared a scene together. And apparently, talking about how they needed to stop was the biggest turn-on out there, as neither one of them had any self-control after those conversations.

It all went to "Oh, sh*t!" -- as the show pointed out -- on Jenna's birthday. She tried to dissuade her mother from throwing a surprise party, and her mother pretended to go along with it. She even had Jenna convinced that she'd be home alone that night. So Jenna thought nothing of it when one of those impromptu suck-face sessions with Collin broke out on her front porch. She simply stepped inside with him ... and right into the worst "SURPRISE!" of all time.

Over at Hollywood Life, Andy Swift said that things have officially spiraled out of control. "While Lacey ... got the best reaction line — an incredible “oh, sh*t” callback — Matty definitely had the winning face," he wrote of the group's reaction to seeing Jenna with Collin. "And by winning, I mean the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. This, my friends, is the look of complete and total heartbreak.”

Series star Ashley Rickards defended what she called the show's "new darker place." She told HuffPost's Laura Prudom, "We're going to see her make some good decisions and some bad decisions. Maybe learning from mistakes isn't so obvious as seeing the mistake and not doing it again. Sometimes you've got to fall down a few times before you get a bruise."

The discomfort continues on "Awkward" every Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.

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