10/23/2013 02:00 pm ET Updated Oct 25, 2013

Iowa TA Accidentally Emails Homemade Porn To Students

The students wanted the answers to a math problem set, but it looks like their T.A. forgot to check her work.

Earlier this week, students in a math for business class at the University of Iowa, which is quickly becoming a college of ill repute for its debauchery and general WTF-ness, received an email from their math T.A. that was supposed to contain answers to their homework.

But when they opened the attached .zip files for "the solutions for number 76 and 78," they got an eyeful of their T.A. and her male companion. The images were obtained, allegedly via students, by humor sites like Total Frat Move, which published a description of the homemade porn.

"The images are from a video chat that is quite sexual in nature. It appears that two people are 'cyber-sexing' from different locations using video equipment. Both are nude and, well, 'engaging' themselves in a sexual manner. They appear to be having a grand time. Furthermore, some of the images are in .gif form (short, animated clips)."

Barstool U went so far as to post stills of the gifs, which they haphazardly redacted using MS Paint.

Word of the T.A.'s email fail spread via social media:

According to KCRG, the University of Iowa confirmed the incident Wednesday.

"The individual who sent the messages has stated that it was an accident. She regrets her actions. We will ask those who received the message to delete it and not to share the files with anyone else," university officials told the station. "This incident was inappropriate, and the university will look into it and take appropriate actions under our policies and procedures."



Oops! Accidental Porn