10/23/2013 03:34 am ET Updated Oct 23, 2013

'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Special Reveals Shocking Twist About Alison (VIDEO)

"Pretty Little Liars" returned for a Halloween special that proved to be more than just a backdoor pilot for its new spin-off, "Ravenswood." After four seasons, there was a major development on the Alison front. While the girls were in the city of Ravenswood, they were hunted by "A" and then stunned to find Alison there as well ... in the flesh.

“Did you miss me?” she asked them, turning to reveal that it was really her.

She went on to tell the girls that it still was't safe for her to be in Rosewood. Then, she pulled a disappearing act, vanishing as quickly as she appeared when Ezra arrived -- oddly keeping hidden the same hand that Spencer slashed on "A" earlier in the hour.

Hollywood Life's Andy Swift was shocked by the big Alison reveal. "I know, I never thought it would happen, either," he wrote. "Ezra ... showed up, scaring Ali off like a baby deer ... And since we’ve got four long months of waiting ahead of us, it’s time to start theorizing ... Is Ezra really who Ali is afraid of, or could there be someone more sinister lurking in Rosewood?”

But while "PLL" is going away again until January 7, "Ravenswood" isn't going anywhere. The other half of this episode introduced Caleb to Miranda, a girl with a mysterious past and a strange connection to the "haunted" mansion the gang visited this week in the town. By the end of the hour, both Miranda and Caleb had seen their names and pictures on tombstones, giving him even more reason to stay and try to solve this new mystery with her.

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