10/23/2013 02:54 pm ET

Colombian Soccer Team Plays In Fake Jerseys After Forgetting Real Ones At Home

Fake sports jerseys are big business. Big enough, in fact, that federal officials sometimes jump in and seize illegal shipments from overseas.

So when a professional soccer team in Colombia arrived without their real jerseys, the irony was unmistakable when they remedied the situation by buying fake replicas of their own jerseys from a street vendor nearby.

Independiente Santa Fe players had to scribble in their names and numbers on the back of their new, counterfeit attire prior to taking the field.

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According to reports, Santa Fe did have one complete set of uniforms with them, but they matched the colors of home team Boyaca Chico. Had they been more charitable, the team could have worn another jersey color; instead, the visitors had to buy their jerseys for about $6.

Santa Fe redeemed themselves with a 2-0 victory in the match, after which the team spokesman, Pablo Garcia, told Reuters, "We're happy. Chico couldn't help resolve the problem and tried to gain an advantage in the situation."

Team president Cesar Augusto Pastrana has also apologized to Umbro, the manufacturer of Santa Fe's real jerseys, for the mixup.



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