10/23/2013 03:35 am ET Updated Oct 23, 2013

'Sons Of Anarchy': Phase One Of Tara's Plan Complete, With Devastating Results For Gemma (VIDEO)

Tara's elaborate plan started to bear fruit on the latest installment of "Sons of Anarchy." She lured Gemma into a fight by tipping her off that she was going to take the boys away. Gemma took the bait, and then when the two of them were alone, Tara launched herself at a table corner, stomach first.

Earlier in the episode, Tara had taken some of her own blood. Just before Gemma came into the room for their fateful confrontation, she jammed a pouch of it down into her underwear so that she could bleed out appropriately after the "attack." As she was pregnant at the time -- or at least everyone thought she was -- this attack proved enough that she "lost the baby."

The whole thing was so that she could convince Jax to sign a restraining order against Gemma. That put Tara one step closer to her ultimate goal of getting the boys out of Charming and away from the Sons and that lifestyle for good.

Tara has been learning from Gemma for years and finally put those tricks to use, faking an attack from Gemma that makes it seem like it caused her to have a miscarriage," wrote Zap2It's Chris E. Hayner. "Tara's plan was so perfect, it's almost disturbing.”

The moment made Tierney Bricker's "OMG TV Moments" for the night. “Yes, Tara really is that desperate to get herself and the kids out of Charming," she wrote of the elaborate plot. "Oh, and Gemma ends the episode behind bars. Game on, ladies!”

There's nothing like an angry Gemma, so things should get even nastier as "Sons of Anarchy" continues on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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