10/23/2013 12:59 pm ET Updated 4 days ago

Westboro Baptists World Series Picket Planned, Hate 'Church' Targets Red Sox And Cardinal Fans


America's least favorite 'church' is at it again, as the Westboro Baptist Church put out a press release on Sunday announcing their intent to picket games three and four of the 2013 Major League Baseball World Series.

According to their reasoning, Cardinals and Red Sox fans worship the false idol of baseball, and God has already punished them for their sins by causing the 2011 Joplin tornado and the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this year. They are also targeting MLB for giving itself over to the so-called "fag agenda."

They wrote:

You brutes had better heed our warning and put away your proud sin. Get your idolatrous butts out of those stadium seats, and bow down to your Creator, mourn for you sin, and obey Him! @MLB is a hotbed of proud fag/enabling sin (with their false-tongued-&-hearted profiteering about "bullying" on "Spirit Day," etc.). This nation pours billions into worshipping this sport instead of worshipping God. Indeed, if you spent one tiny fraction of what you spend on your baseball-worship on learning what the Bible actually says, this would be a blessed righteous nation.

You can read the rest here, but you probably don't want to.

The church tweeted:



CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated the 2012 Major League Baseball World Series would be picketed. They plan to picket the 2013 Major League Baseball World Series.