10/24/2013 03:46 am ET

'Duck Dynasty' Halloween Finale: Uncle Si Terrifies Children As A Giant Mutant Beaver (VIDEO)

Halloween came to the "Duck Dynasty" season finale and that meant wacky costumes. And who's better at being wacky than Uncle Si? When Willie's wife Kori decided to turn the Duck Commander warehouse into a "scarehouse" for the neighborhood children, Si had a crazy idea for a costume.

He came up with a giant mutant beaver that eats children. Hollywood Life's Andy Swift said leave it to the eccentric uncle to turn the lovable furry creature into perhaps the haunted house's scariest attraction. And perhaps even the stuff of nightmares for the local children. “Si proves that beavers aren’t always cute," Swift wrote. "In fact, they can be pretty dam terrifying!

Meanwhile, as PennLive's Marcus Schneck pointed out, Willie was frustrated throughout the episode because he couldn't scare anybody. But all he had to do was listen to Si. "It ain’t about the costume. It’s about the attitude," Uncle Si said. And he made a beaver absolutely terrifying.

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