10/24/2013 11:16 am ET

'Oprah Show' Flashback: When Oprah Made A Little Girl's Dream Come True

In 1994, Oprah met a little girl named Anna who recently had lost her mother. Her sister had written the show producers to see if Oprah could help make her dream of owning a Dalmatian puppy come true, and the surprise that followed became one of Oprah's most memorable moments – Anna and her puppy were even featured in "The Oprah Show" daily theme song back in the '90s.

In the video, Oprah reads the letter from Anna's sister:

You see, she has an extreme love for animals. We feel if Anna does get the Dalmatian puppy she's wanted, she may begin feeling better. She's had a hard time since her mother's death and has suffered through a lot of depression. My mom has wanted to get her the puppy, but hasn't been able to because she can't really afford it. This is Anna's dream, and I hope that you can understand.

After reading the letter, Oprah brings out a puppy for Anna -- and watching her happiness is what Oprah calls a "joy rising" moment. She still feels it every time she watches the clip. "It's joy every time we see it," she says in the above video. "You just can't beat it."

In 2011, Oprah followed up with Anna on an episode of "Oprah's Lifeclass." Her only request of Anna had been that she not name the dog Oprah. Anna named her Maggie and says the dog helped her grieve the loss of her mom.

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