10/24/2013 11:16 am ET

The Shoes That You Can Wear With (Almost) Anything

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Women own a ton of shoes, but we don't actually wear the ones we have. (In fact, a study earlier this year found that women own about 20 pairs of shoes but only wear about 5 of them.) So it probably pays to just focus in on a few awesome styles we'll keep on going back to again and again.

For Vogue fashion assistant Alexandra Cronan, those shoes are her '70s-era platform heels. Her green crocodile sandals are sky-high yet comfortable enough to, you know, actually walk in. The best part? Cronan told us, "They are also a great pair of shoes because you can wear them with almost anything -- a dress, a flared jean or trouser."

Of course, platform shoes convey a certain mood. "I do love shoes without platforms," Cronan said, "they can be more elegant and less clumpy. Depending on my mood and what I feel like wearing, I will choose between a platform or no platform heel." But the beauty of the platform is its versatility. Personally, if someone offered us a pair of green crocodile Louis Vuitton heels, we'd wear them with everything we own.

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