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'Bad Grandpa's' Johnny Knoxville Pranked My Wedding, And It Was Epic (PHOTOS)

Not all brides would want Johnny Knoxville to prank their weddings, but Kim Peeler is not a traditional bride. When her then-fiancé Jarrod Brom got a job as a producer on "Bad Grandpa" -- a hidden-camera comedy from the "Jackass" creator -- in August 2012, Peeler's first thought was, "Let’s have them prank our wedding! How awesome would that be?”

But she was shot down.

"They already had a script, they were moving forward with shooting that script, and he didn’t think it was the type of prank they’d be into," Peeler told HuffPost Weddings.

Fast forward to seven months later. It's two weeks until Peeler and Brom's Big Day. Ninety percent of the film had been shot, but the writers are working on some new scenes to fill holes in the plot.

"Jarrod and I are running over the final details of the wedding one night over a bottle of wine, but I can’t concentrate on flowers or gift bags, all I can think is, 'Why can’t they prank the damn wedding? It would be epic!'" Peeler said. And that night, she convinced her husband-to-be to simply pitch the idea.

It worked.

With 10 days left until the pair are set to tie the knot, Peeler and Brom make arrangements with the production company. They deciding to prank select guests during the post-ceremony cocktail hour -- taking place at The Wattles Mansion in Hollywood -- rather than disrupting the actual vows ("No Old Man Knoxville standing up in his seat shouting, 'I object to this marriage! I’m sleeping with the groom!'" Peeler said -- though that was one of her ideas.)

It was only until two days before the ceremony, when the bride-to-be and her mom (whom Peeler had just told about the prank) were making last-minute arrangements, that it really sunk in.

"It hit me that this is really going down, like for real, this is going to actually happen," Peeler said. "A Paramount movie has taken over our wedding. It’s going to look like a million bucks in addition to being a story to tell the grandkids. I loved it."

Both the prank -- and the wedding -- went off without a hitch, despite Peeler's concern that she'd be distracted during the ceremony.

"Thankfully, what they say is true: any wedding day is so completely nuts that you are forced to be in the moment, not giving a thought to what’s next. And that was true for us," she said. "We laughed, we cried, and we were able to forget about the dozen cameras perched and waiting to capture a crazy cake stunt."

Check out the prank in action in the video above, and scroll down for photos of Peeler and Brom's Big Day. "Bad Grandpa" hits theaters October 25.

Kim And Jarrods Wedding


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