10/25/2013 04:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ladies, Let's Be Honest: Flats Are Overrated

When it comes to picking a sensible shoe, we all know to avoid high heels. Instead, we've come to love the ballet flat, singing its praises for its functionality, comfort and versatility.

But we think it's time to get real about something, something we bet many women are thinking every day: Ballet flats are kind of overrated.*

1. They're terrible in the rain. Or snow or mud or other messy sorts of terrain. No matter how well the shoes are made, our feet won't stay dry in ballet flats with even the lightest of rain.

2. They smell. Wearing ballet flats means going sockless, which often means sweaty feet. Plus, when you do get caught in the rain, they inevitably get moist and yucky. Smelly feet? Not chic.

3. They're not always comfortable. Ballet flats can pinch and rub your feet as badly as any other shoe if the fit isn't perfect. And how many times have you bought a pair in a size too small, assuming they would stretch... but they didn't?

4. They're not even good for your feet. As podiatrist Dr. Jacqueline Sutera told us, "There is such a thing as too flat." Shoes without adequate arch support, cushioning or shock absorption -- i.e. most ballet flats -- can actually hurt your foot.

5. It's hard to make them look dressy. Sure, Elle Macpherson and Michelle Obama can pull it off. But every time we try wearing flats to a fancy event, we just feel woefully underdressed.

6. They don't work well with tights. Ever try wearing thick tights with little ballet flats and get that unfortunate bunching around the toes or ankles? Yeah, us too.

7. They aren't the sexiest... We wear flats, and even we can admit it. Ballet flats may be cute and even beautiful. But even scientists have said that wearing heels "affects judgements of female attractiveness," i.e. make us look great. Flats? Not as much.

*Despite this, we still love flats and wear them all the time. We know, women are a mystery.

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