10/25/2013 03:44 am ET

Johnny Knoxville Talks About Regrets And Crazy 'Jackass' Stunts On 'WWHL' (VIDEO)

Johnny Knoxville has made a career out of doing crazy stunts, and convincing others to do them. On his visit to the "Watch What Happens: Live" clubhouse, Andy Cohen asked the "Jackass" star if he regretted any of those stunts.

“If something goes really wrong, and I get really injured, we get great footage," he said. "The producer side overrides the performer side and ... I’d rather have the footage.” He went on to say that he doesn't even regret the motorcycle stunt where he literally broke his penis.

As Chelsea Handler put it when he was on her show, "I just think it’s amazing that someone like you can get movies made.”

"Well, they haven’t all been hits," Knoxville admitted. He's hoping for success with his latest film, "Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa." In this one, Knoxville pulls his infamous stunts on unsuspecting people while wearing full "grandpa" garb. It's in theaters now.

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