10/25/2013 01:11 pm ET

Jorge Ramos Hopes To Break Barriers With Fusion


Unless you watch Spanish-language TV, Univision's Jorge Ramos is the probably the most famous TV news anchorman you've never heard of. "It's like being invisible," says Ramos, whose newscast, Noticiero Univision, draws 2 million viewers nightly. "Other than appealing to the 55 million Latinos, sometimes we are in a parallel world in which people are not even aware we exist."

That may not be the case for long. The charismatic Mexican-born broadcast journalist is making his English-language debut as anchor of America With Jorge Ramos (weeknights 8/7c) — the signature primetime program on Fusion, the new cable news joint venture of Univision and ABC launching Oct. 28. Ramos appreciates Fusion's goal of targeting Millennials as well as Hispanics. He has two children, aged 15 and 26, neither of whom watch Spanish language TV even though they grew up in immigrant homes and have a connection to Latin America. They're indicative of the growing number of Hispanics who are born in the U.S. and choose to speak English. "If Univision doesn't try to get that audience, somebody else will," says Ramos. We caught up with him recently.

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