10/25/2013 05:47 pm ET

After Losing Almost Everything, I Moved To Ecuador And Found Stress-Free Retirement (VIDEO)

Don Murray was nearing retirement age when he fell severely down on his luck.

He suffered his second heart attack, which rendered him incapable of working and evaporated 65 percent of his family's income. On top of that, his home lost 40 percent of its value during America's economic downturn. He was left befuddled at how he could not only make immediate money for survival, but also to sustain him and his wife through retirement.

He ended up with an exotic solution.

"We moved to Ecuador, and now we are retired here on the coast of Ecuador. I'm looking out a window at the Pacific Ocean, I could throw a rock and hit the surf line," he said during an interview with HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd.

It turned out that moving to a completely different country was exactly the type of reset Murray's life needed.

"We have absolutely zero stress in our lives right now," he said. "Our standard of living has significantly increased, our cost of living has gone down significantly. We just had to move some thousands of miles away to the equator to completely change the equation."

Catch the full conversation about optimism in the midst of financial struggles at HuffPost Live HERE.



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