10/25/2013 05:30 pm ET

Not Even An (Awkward) Surprise Proposal Can Keep This Woman From Talking About Her Passion

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After getting a surprise marriage proposal on live national television, most brides would likely be rendered speechless. But this bride had a lot to say -- and it wasn't just about her ring and future hubby.

Simone Jhingoor appeared on the TODAY Show Thursday thinking she was there for the chance of a lifetime, to promote her work at the Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation, an organization that provides services to low-income women and their families. But just as the nonprofit exec was getting ready for her close-up, her boyfriend, Chirag Shah, came onto the scene and popped the question.

Simone, you’re actually not here to talk about the amazing work that you do. I’m sorry...
Simone, you are here today, because –- yes –- it is our anniversary. And this is happening. I am standing right here at Rockefeller Plaza, live on the TODAY Show, but with nothing on my mind other than to ask you one question. Will you marry me?

Jhingoor –- expectedly –- looked a bit stunned, but still said “Yes” after Shah proposed.

But after the clip aired, viewers said they weren't feeling over-the-moon that Shah's romantic gesture eclipsed her chance to personally shine. In fact, across the Internet, people said they were outraged that Jhingoor had been robbed of the opportunity to share how she’s making the world a better place.

“Working for a charity/non profit myself, I would be STOKED to get to go on national tv to talk about it -- imagine how good that would be for her business!? How many more folks could be served!?” one Jezebel reader wrote. “This is so humiliating for this woman I can't even stand it!!!”

Other fuming readers urged as many people as possible to write in to the TODAY Show to give Jhingoor another chance to come back and talk about her advocacy work, which she was eager to do.

On Friday, she got that chance when TODAY wrote a follow up story.

“Throughout my life, I have chosen career paths that align with my vision of creating the type of change that allows under-served communities of color to thrive and supports women’s empowerment," Jhingoor, who grew up in the Bronx and feels inextricably connected to her community, said."As a fundraising professional, I am thrilled to give back to my community through my work with WHEDco…and an organization that I co-founded in 2007, Jahajee Sisters, that engages Indo-Caribbean women in community organizing efforts to create a more safe and equitable world."



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