Rihanna Works With Damien Hirst For British GQ's Anniversary Issue (PHOTOS)

Rihanna knows how to spark mass controversy with a simple outfit choice. Perhaps that's why she ditched the clothes for British GQ's 25th anniversary cover shoot.

Instead, RiRi donned a Medusa crown of snakes as a python slithered around her. Before you write off the steamy shoot as NSFW, note that the series was art directed by Damien Hirst, one of the industry's living legends. (And an occasional fashion collaborator -- remember those croc-skin backpacks he designed with The Row and his Alexander McQueen scarf collaboration?) And we have to admit... we kind of love it.

Check out the cover below and a few shots Rihanna teased on Instagram. And make sure you don't overlook her crazy cat-eye contact lenses!


We've got nothing but rih-spect for you, girl:

Rihanna's Style Evolution

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