10/27/2013 08:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Celebs Gave Us Lessons On How NOT To Wear Eye Makeup (PHOTOS)

The spring 2014 runways were filled with outrageous eye makeup that we're still trying to translate into the real world. And it looks like the celebrities who landed among this week's worst beauty are having a hard time, too.

Zoë Kravitz sported her signature smoked-out eyelids but forgot to show her brows some TLC, and Francesca Eastwood (yes, Clint Eastwood's actress-model daughter) got a bit carried away with bronze eyeshadow. Meanwhile, we're still scratching our heads over Hannah Bronfman's blue-grey eyebrows.

Check out this week's best and worst beauty, and tell us if you think these eye makeup looks are bold or bad.

BEST: Sandra Bullock

sandra bullock

Sandra, we humbly bow down to your glossy brunette strands and bright red lipstick. The "Gravity" star is wearing yet another winning beauty look that proves she's a class act.

BEST: Reese Witherspoon

reese witherspoon

We usually see Witherspoon out and about wearing her hair down. However, we really like this tousled updo on the blonde actress, and the shimmering gold eyeshadow dresses up her barely-there makeup just enough.

BEST: Darby Stanchfield

darby stanchfield

Kerry Washington isn't the only "Scandal" star to watch on the red carpet. Stanchfield, who plays the sassy lawyer-investigator Abby Whelan on the drama, is picture-perfect with her flowy hair, long lashes and red lips.

BEST: Alexa Chung

alexa chung

Chung glammed up her signature bedhead waves for a more polished style that frames her face beautifully, and the richness in her hair color complements that metallic brown eyeshadow.

BEST: Karlie Kloss

karlie kloss

Karlie keeps it cute and simple with wispy bangs, navy eyeshadow on the top lids and plum shadow at the bottom, and a dusty rose lip color.

WORST: Melissa McCarthy

melissa mccarthy

The Elle "Women in Hollywood" cover girl has had a tough week defending her style choices, and this unflattering pompadour gives folks something else to debate. McCarthy's natural beauty is overshadowed by the towering hairdo.

WORST: Zoë Kravitz

zoe kravitz

If we had to sum up Kravitz's look in one word, it would be harsh. Between the taut French braids, bushy brows and extremely smokey eyes, we'd prefer to fix our gaze on her gorgeous skin.

WORST: Julianne Nicholson

julianne nicholson

The "Masters of Sex" actress should do a bit more research on choosing the best eye makeup colors for her complexion. That icy-blue shadow appears ghostly against her freckled skin. A richer hue would have really made her eyes pop.

WORST: Francesca Eastwood

francesca eastwood

Eastwood's doll-like facial features look terrifying when masked in such heavy bronze eye makeup. Keeping the color closer to the lash line would have turned this into a "do."

WORST: Hannah Bronfman

hannah bronfman

If you ignore Bronfman's colored eyebrows for a second, this socialite's beauty look isn't half bad. But it's such a shame that her sleek updo and cat eyeliner go by the wayside because of those brows.

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