10/27/2013 08:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

14 Times Traveling Was More Trouble Than It Was Worth

1. When you spent more money on housesitters and dogsitters than on your hotel room.
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2. When you lost your credit card on the first night so you spent the whole weekend on the phone with your bank while everybody else got to play.
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3. When the time change made it so your flight left in the morning and then you arrived and it was… the next morning.
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4. When you paid a kazillion dollars per day for airport parking, even though your flight costed 60 bucks.
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5. When your family was just one person too big for the rental car, but they said you HAD to rent two.
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6. When you had to speed-teach yourself a foreign tongue in order to fill out the customs form on the plane.
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7. When, if you add it up, you rode the bus for the same amount of time you actually spent in your destination.
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8. When you made a big effort to book a tour ahead of time, but everyone bailed on it and got pizza instead.
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9. When you spent days suffering from dry mouth because you were never sure if the tap water in the hostel was clean enough.
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10. When you spent a full year calling, visiting, and sending letters to the consulate just to obtain a visa for your two-week trip.
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11. When you had to buy the 20-pack of thumbnail photos at Kinko’s, but you only needed one to get your passport. Now you have all these mini headshots of yourself.
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12. When your luggage got lost so your trip turned from sightseeing journey to an international shopping spree.
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13. When flying from California to Utah then back over California was the cheapest -- and therefore only -- way you could get to Hawaii.
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14. When you had to take a train AND a taxi AND a shuttle AND then walk a million miles just to get to your airport gate and board yet ANOTHER mode of transport.
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