10/28/2013 02:17 pm ET

Daniel Luna, 17, Downhill Skateboards At Insane Speeds (VIDEO)

Meet 17-year-old Daniel Luna. He is a downhill skateboarder. (And yes, the sport looks exactly as terrifying as it sounds.)

According to the Press-Enterprise, the high school senior from Temecula, Cali., regularly reaches speeds up to 60 mph when he practices. He wears a helmet for protection, but there's no denying it's a dangerous sport -- especially if you hit unexpected bumps on the road.

“I’ve run over snakes, dodged potholes and pedestrians,” Luna said. “One guy I know hit a deer.”

Luna is headed to Puerto Rico in January to compete in a major international downhill skateboarding race, where he was awarded a top spot last year. If you watch the crazy-impressive videos above and below, you'll understand why.

Head over to the Press-Enterprise to read more of Luna's story.

There was another California skateboarding sensation making headlines last week: a gang of six-year-old girls, who call themselves the "Pink Helmet Posse." Their uniform includes pink helmets, fluffy tutus and funky knee socks.

"We know it can be intimidating," they wrote on their website, "but we're here to show you that skateboarding is not just for boys."

Here's hoping these badass kids wait a few years before introducing the word "downhill" to their routine.



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