10/29/2013 08:00 pm ET

Couple Shares The Moving Story Of Their Hurricane Sandy Baby (VIDEO)

By the time Hurricane Sandy rolled into the northeast last year, Alissa and Nichols Berse were still reeling from the miscarriage they had suffered that summer.

The couple had been trying to get pregnant, and carrying all the disappointment made them feel even worse when Sandy forced them to evacuate from their New Jersey home. "The storm was at the very bottom of things that could have happened to us," Alissa told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd.

The hurricane took a toll on their lives, their home and all their possessions, but the experience brought with it a very bright silver lining -- a brand new baby girl named Madison. "Once the storm hit and we were at the hotel, the power went out and we kind of didn't know what to do," Alissa added. "So this is how Madison came about."

When Nichols found out his wife was expecting, he was worried because of how much the family had lost. But both parents agree their daughter was a gift that came from an unfortunate turn of events.

"Living in a hotel, knowing my house was destroyed and everything was gone, I was a little nervous," Nichols said. "I am still nervous because we're living in a temporary house, but I look at [Madison] every day, and she's a blessing."

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