10/29/2013 12:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Husky Guy's Guide To Getting Dressed

Dressing for any body type can be tricky, but husky guys face a very distinct set of challenges. To all the beefier men out there, you need to not only stick to certain color palettes so you don't add extra bulk to your figure, but you should be mindful of fit, too. There are certain fabrics that look great on bigger guys, while others do you no favors at all.

Though clothes shopping may seem tough if you're husky, there are actually a few important rules you can follow to make things easier.

So to all the bigger guys out there, we've got eight simple rules for you to navigate the world of getting dressed.

1. Fit is key. Though you might gravitate towards oversized clothing to try and hide your shape, baggy clothes will only make you appear bigger. Same goes for stuffing yourself into items that are too small.

2. Neutrals are your friend. Bold prints and patterns will make you stand out and appear bigger than you are. Darker colors instantly slim the body.


3. Say no to pleats. They create extra bulk in your nether regions, which is never a good idea.

4. Pick clothes with longer hems. They will elongate the body and make you look taller and therefore thinner.


5. Don't hoard things in your pockets. Carrying a huge wallet, keys and your thick cell phone in your pants pocket will add extra bulk to your hip area. Streamline your pockets (and your life) and only carry the essentials with you.


6. V-necks are better than crew necks. V-necks give the illusion of a slimmer neck because they create more space between your chest and your chin -- just make sure your V-neck isn't too deep.

7. Choose light fabrics. Heavy sweaters and jackets only add extra weight.

8. Buy lots of sports coats. Items that have a clear shape and clean lines contain your figure and make you look smaller.


Take it from these stylish dudes:

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