10/29/2013 04:47 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2013

Mike Tyson Tells Chris Brown To 'Get It Together'

Mike Tyson says he's worried about Chris Brown.

Commenting on Brown's violent tendencies during a radio interview with 95.5 PLJ Morning Show Tuesday, the retired boxer said the 24-year-old needs to "get it together" and learn to control his temper. Otherwise, Tyson warned, he may one day face some serious consequences.

"I like and admire that little guy," Tyson said of the "Look at Me Now" singer. "I'm just worried about him."

The former heavyweight champion, who has struggled with anger issues, went on to imply that if Brown isn't careful, he may one day end up behind bars.

"If he keeps getting [involved in] these violent cases, they're gonna put him somewhere where that's all they do is assault people," Tyson warned, later adding: "Chris should know this… if you're not humble in this world, this world will thrust humbleness upon you."

Tyson's warnings come just two days after Brown's most recent arrest. The singer was arrested Sunday for allegedly attacking a man outside a Washington D.C. hotel. The Associated Press reports that Brown may be facing jail time for the alleged assault.

This isn't the first time Tyson has commented on Brown's angry antics.

In 2009, the 47-year-old talked to MTV about Brown's abusive behavior toward then-girlfriend Rihanna:

My personal opinion about that is, he's just a baby [...] He's just a little baby that don't know how to handle his emotions when it comes to a woman. And he probably hears this and thinks, 'I know how to handle my emotions'; we all think we do. But the fact [is], you look at this person and you might be crazy in love, but we don't know how to handle those feelings.



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