10/30/2013 12:45 pm ET

Charles Brownlow, Texas Murder Suspect, Stopped At Mexican Restaurant Mid-Killing Spree

Investigators piecing together a murder spree in Texas believe the suspect took a quick break after his first two killings -- for Mexican food -- before committing his last trio of murders.

Surveillance footage shows that Charles Brownlow, 36, visited the Dos Aces Mexican restaurant on U.S. 80 at 9:47 pm, Monday. Authorities say that by that time he had already killed his mother and aunt, and would soon take the lives of two acquaintances and a convenience store clerk.

NBC DFW reports:

A hostess escorted Brownlow to a table, but he declined to take a menu and walked out without ordering or even sitting down, the video shows.

"He just acted kind of weird," said manager Eric Fragoso. "She took him to the place he was going to sit at. He looked around or something, and he decided to leave."

Police arrested Brownlow early Tuesday morning following a high-speed chase. Court records show that the murder suspect has a long criminal history which includes a conviction for assaulting a family member, according to the Associated Press.



Texas Killing Spree