10/30/2013 01:44 pm ET

Jennifer Garner's Weight Loss Ignored Thanks To Matthew McConaughey And Jared Leto

Jennifer Garner is speaking out about all the "Dallas Buyers Club" weight loss talk.

The 41-year-old actress, who stars in the movie alongside Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, told Jimmy Kimmel last night (Oct. 29) that she's bummed no one applauded her after she lost weight for the film -- everyone was too busy gushing about McConaughey and Leto's skinny frames.

"All anybody says is, 'All those boys lost 50 pounds,'" Garner admitted on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" "Do you know how much weight I lost before I did this movie? Fifty pounds. Has anyone given me a ticker tape parade? No!"

"And part of that was the baby coming out, right?" Kimmel said.

"Yeah, but whatever. Who cares?" Garner joked. "No one's asking me, 'Oh, how'd you lose all that weight?' Well, it wasn't easy!"

Garner went on to explain that although she worked her behind off trying to drop the baby weight after welcoming son Samuel, McConaughey and Leto "just didn't eat."

"Jared looked like he was going to blow over in the wind," she explained to Kimmel. "He kind of had a dazed look and then they would say, 'Action!' and he'd kind of be present and then go back into [the daze]. And then Matthew ate just a few hundred calories a day."

McConaughey went from 185 to 135 pounds to play a Texas electrician who contracts HIV in the movie.

“I was going around and people were going, ‘Hey, are you feeling all right?’” McConaughey told People, describing life after he dropped down to 145 pounds. “But then I hit 135 pounds. I ran in to somebody and they didn't just ask if I was all right, they said, ‘My God, we need to get you some help.’ And I thought, ‘There we go. That's the perfect spot.’”



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