10/30/2013 01:22 pm ET

Kendra Spears, AKA Princess Salwa Aga Khan, Models For Next

We're continually enthralled by model Kendra Spears, and not only because she's gorgeous. She's also a real-life princess, the result of her September wedding to Prince Rahim Aga Khan... and after becoming a princess, she didn't stop modeling.

Spears has landed her first big post-royal gig, modeling the Winter 2013 collection for UK retailer Next. The clothes may be affordable (sweaters for $50, dresses for $80), but Spears wears it all like couture, making us grateful she didn't give up her day job just because she got married.

Of course, she doesn't exactly need to work: The Daily Mail notes that Spears' husband, Rahim, is the oldest son of the Aga Khan IV, Imam of Shia Ismaili Muslims, and therefore set to inherit around $1 billion.

But Spears is still working, showing off dark lace, suede and leather pieces for Next. Between this and her recent Vogue Mexico cover, she might just be the most fashionable royal we know of. (Sorry, Kate.)

Check out a few of her photos below and see more here.

A model princess:

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