10/30/2013 06:30 pm ET

Will Kid Tracking Smartphone Apps Make Halloween Safer?

Well, this isn't your mother's Halloween.

Parents who have concerns about safety on October 31 don't need to follow their kids around the neighborhood. Instead, a host of apps are now available to keep track of children (on any night of the year) -- and make sure they're in a safe area.

Mamabear, one of these apps, allows parents set boundaries on a map and get alerts if their child goes outside of them --whether it is across a major highway or into another neighborhood. It also lets parents know when their child is tagged in Facebook and Instagram photos.

According to Tech Cocktail "The kids’ version of the app has three buttons: Come Get Me, Call for Help, and Call Mama."

But what seem like a dream for parents, may be a nightmare for independent tweens or teens.

Founder of Mamabear, Robyn Spoto, told ABC News that she understands parents, though wary about their kids' safety, don't want to be too intrusive. She explained that the app is really for first-time phone users. "She likens Mamabear to training wheels for a mobile device giving children some independence while granting parents the ability to be aware of things their kids may not be ready for and a chance to start a conversations about them," ABC reports.

Another app, Sex Offender Search, on the other hand, is less invasive than Mamabear and serves a singular purpose. It notifies the user of the sex offenders in nearby neighborhoods, and sends alerts when new offenders move in. It also shows where the police and fire stations are on a map -- something that both parents and kids can use to their advantage.

What do you think -- will you be downloading these apps on Halloween?



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