10/30/2013 04:50 pm ET

LivingSocial Says Anti-Semitic Party Decor Was 'Not A Smart Choice'


What may sound like just a horrifying rumor is actually a real thing that happened.

The flash sale site LivingSocial threw a 7 Deadly Sins-themed Halloween party last weekend, and the party's "greed" room featured gold and silver decorations... and dreidels, the spinning tops that are popular during Chanukah.

Kevin Nolan from LivingSocial's publicity department admitted that there were, in fact, dreidels in the "greed" room and apologized, the Washington Jewish Week reports.

“We have looked into it and determined that the inclusion of dreidels with the other games in the gaming room was not a smart choice, and we are very sorry to have upset anyone," Nolan told Jewish Week. "Certainly this behavior does not reflect who we are as a company.”

“I was very offended," an anonymous party attendee told Washington Jewish Week on Tuesday. "I just thought it was completely inappropriate.” The partygoer was given a refund and an apology.

The party was the latest in a string of just outrageously offensive and tasteless parties and costumes leaking out in the run-up to Halloween. These include: this startup's Hookers and Hackers gathering and a bunch of clueless white people going around in blackface Halloween costumes.

The Living Social party was held at the company's space in Washington, D.C., and attendees paid $59 for tickets. 643 tickets were purchased, according to LivingSocial. The site describes the "greed" room as a "shimmering room full of silver and gold," where "we'll get greedy challenging friends to a plethora of games, all while sipping on a Midas Touch cocktail."

Sara Parker, another Living Social spokesperson, told the Washington Business Journal that anyone who attended the party will be offered a refund if they want one. Parker also said that LivingSocial "does not condone prejudice" and the company is "deeply apologetic."

Living Social hasn't been doing so well lately. In just the past six months, many employees were laid off, the company's events section was shut down and its Seattle office was closed.

Somehow we don't think this scandal will drum up any new business.