10/30/2013 04:20 am ET

'Sons Of Anarchy': Tara Has Taken Jax And The Boys Away From Gemma ... But For How Long? (VIDEO)

It looks like Tara is getting away with the biggest part of her plan to erase Gemma from her kids' lives on "Sons of Anarchy" ... at least so far. Unser convinced her not to press charges, so Gemma was let out. Gemma figured out the truth behind Tara's actions -- that she'd faked her pregnancy so she could blame her "miscarriage" on Gemma -- but it did little to help her.

Jax is standing by his wife. When Gemma tried to talk to him, he wouldn't listen. "Let this eat into your brain, mother: You’re never gonna see my wife, and you will never see those kids again," he told her. "Grandma is dead.” TVLine's Megan Masters called that moment "explosive." Gemma is no angel, but it's still hard to watch her take so much heat for something she didn't do.

Over at IGN, Diana Steenbergen is interested to see how the show will reveal the truth behind Tara's actions. "Taking the time to show her struggle with what she was doing went a long way to keep her character relatable," she wrote. "Is there hope for Jax and Tara? … it’s tough to imagine that he will be able to get over a lie as big as the one she is telling when he eventually finds out.”

Relationships are straining on "Sons of Anarchy," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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