10/31/2013 06:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Michelle Obama's Halloween Outfit Is Theme-Dressing Gone (Slightly) Awry

We love a good theme outfit -- the Duchess of Cambridge rocking a red leaf fascinator on Canada Day, Anna Wintour honoring Elsa Schiaparelli with a lobster dress, etc. Michelle Obama took her best stab at theme-dressing today for Halloween, greeting lucky trick-or-treaters in front of the White House wearing a black and orange colorblocked shirt with orange wide-legged pants.

We're not opposed to wearing orange on Halloween, or even orange and black. But head-to-toe orange is a bold move, as are orange bell-bottoms. Because in that vivid color, wide-legged pants start to look eerily like something out of a '70s disco movie. We imagine if the pants had been colored skinny jeans instead, the effect wouldn't have been quite so... strong.

Hey, we commend the first lady for going all out. It's Halloween, after all -- what better day to take some fashion risks?


michelle obama

michelle obama

michelle obama

michelle obama

Yeah, this might not go in FLOTUS' Fashion Hall of Fame:

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