11/01/2013 01:15 pm ET Updated Nov 01, 2013

How Iyanla Vanzant Chooses To Define Success Beyond A Paycheck (VIDEO)

Iyanla Vanzant has a message for those who look at their bank accounts when defining success: those numbers won't last forever.

The spiritual life coach told HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd that money is not the issue when it comes to measuring success -- it's about how you affect yourself and the world around you.

"Here's my vision and my purpose: to support and facilitate the evolution of human consciousness -- one mind, one heart, one spirit, one life at a time," she said. "There is no place in there where I say 'and make money in the process.' And I'm living my vision. I am on purpose, whether the cameras are rolling or not. I am supporting the evolution of human consciousness, meaning that we think higher and we think better about ourselves and about each other."

Vanzant's latest series on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Iyanla: Fix My Life, delves into emotional conversations and helps others get their life back on track. She said that the best way to learn -- whether it's about success or a life lesson -- is through experiences.

"Unfortunately pain gets your attention. and as human beings, the fastest way we learn is when we are in pain," she said. "So unfortunately, I really think that as this thing crashes and falls apart more and more, we're not going to be able to dig ourselves out of the personal or public financial problems, the personal and the public emotional problems, hatred that just continues to grow and fester -- it's going to take something really catastrophic for us to see or people begin to do their own individual work."

Check out the clip above for more on Vanzant's definition of success, and watch the full video over on HuffPost Live.

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