LAX Airport Video During Shooting Reveals Evacuation Chaos

Mobile phone footage obtained by TMZ reveals chaos inside Los Angeles International Airport during the Friday morning shooting that left one Transportation Security Administration agent dead and several more wounded.

The video starts with two armed police officers walking through the airport lobby. One officer shouts for everyone to hit the floor. After a cut in the video, dozens of travelers emerge from what appears to be the security line at the airport, running with their luggage toward the exit. In the distance, police car sirens are wailing.

A uniformed TSA agent is among the crowd fighting to reach the exit.

During a press conference after the shooting, Patrick Gannon, chief of LAX airport police, said his force completed training earlier this week to prepare for a similar situation. Gannon said the training was "critical" to how officers responded on Friday.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti praised LAX police and said the gunman had the bullets to do much more harm than he did.

In the slideshow below, find photos of the LAX investigation scene as well as pictures posted to social media by travelers.

LAX Shooting

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